12 of June 1997

    International chess supertournament "Novgorod the Great"

    The results of the second round are: all three Russian grand-masters have the equal points
    Garry Kasparov - 1,5
    Vladimir Kramnik - 1,5
    Evgeny Bareev - 1,5

    In the second round two winners of the first round played.

    V.Topalov - G.Kasparov finished to play first. The debut of that game was easy to predict - Sicilian defence. Bulgarian grand-master playing white pieces tried not to risk much.For some time the game on the central table attracted much attention from the audience. That was a vivacious game . Kasparov offered a draw to Topalov.

    In the game Yevgeny Bareev - Vladimir Kramnik the classical system of defence by Nimzovich was played .

    The position was balanced and both grand-masters had the equal chances. Bareev waited for a long time trying not to lose his chance to win. But Kramnik compelled him to draw.

    The game N.Short - B.Gelfand was a decisive one .

    It began as the Najdorf Variation of the Sicilian Defence . In a complicated middlegame Gelfand made an interesting and correct exchange sacrifice. However, he later went astray and failed to generate enough counterplay allowing Short to win forcefully.

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