10 June 1997

    International chess supertournament "Novgorod the Great"

    This day Yevgeny Bareev gave the last simul against Novgorodian schoolchildren. The final account was 19,5 / 0,5 to grand chess-master. The single draw was betwee n Bareev and 14 years old Novgorodian Dmitry Tanjansky. The Director of the Training Center « Astral » presented teach-yourself computer book to Dmitry and gave flowers to Yevgeny.

    On the 10th of June in the evening there was the press-conference. People present: six grand chess-masters, the Deputy Sport Minister of Russia Victor Hotochkin , Vice Mayor Michail Skibar who noticed : « Novgorod the Great tournament became the independent event in the World Chess Calendar». Many questions were addressed to Garry Kasparov. Journalists were interested so much if there would be the second round with «Deep blue» and if there would be the World Championship according to the system offered by FIDE and many other questions. Kasparov announced that there would never be the round with the computer again. Also he added that he would never play according to the new system offered by FIDE under any conditions. He gives hope that if he looses it will be not in 20th century. After the conference there was the drawing-lots conducting by the General Referee Boris Postovsky. In the first round the pairs were :
    Boreev - Short;

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