20-21 of June 1997

    International chess supertournament "Novgorod the Great"

    On Friday the games of the 8th round were played. The game between Kramnik and Short was finished first. The English grandmaster seemed to take the return match because he was the last in the list. They both played Dragon`s Variation of the Sicilian Defence. A very tense struggle has begun but white attacked better and they defended the king better. You could not say the same about black. Black king became defenceless.

    The game Topalov - Gelfand was very interesting .The Bulgarian grandmaster used a new manoeuvre on the 12th move. Everybody thought that it would bring him a victory but Gelfand could change the situation. He won on the 12th move.

    Kasparov played black against Bareev . At the beginning one could notice that there would be a draw. But Kasparov at that moment could not agree to a draw: he was waiting for the result of the game Short - Kramnik. (Kramnik is his main opponent). When Short had won, Kasparov and Bareev finished the game with a draw.

    The results after the 8th rounds are:
    Kasparov - 5,5 Kramnik - 5 Topalov - 3,5 Bareev - 3,5 Short - 3,5 Gelfand - 3

    There was a sensation situation at the open-tournament : the Novgorodian Igor Zaharevich playing black beat his opponent Alexandr Morozevich from Moscow. The sensation is that Morozevich has the highest rating at the open tournament 2595 while Zaharevich has 2505.

    Today Zaharevich together with Ildar Ibragimov (Kazan) are the leaders of the tournament. 8 participants have 5,5 points.

    The new sensation : we have got a new information on the 7th of July about the best 100 chess players in the world . The participants of the supertournament came into the first 20 the best chess players :

    1. Kasparov Garry (RUS) 2820
    2. Kramnik Vladimir (RUS) 2770
    3. Anand Viswanathan (IND) 2765
    4. Topalov Veselin ( BUL) 2745
    5. Karpov Antoly (RUS) 2745
    6. Ivanchuk Vassily (UKR) 2725
    7. Kamsky Gata (USA) 2720
    8. Beliavsky Alexander G (SLO) 2710
    9. Shirov Alexei (ESP) 2700
    10. Gelfand Boris (BLR) 2695
    11. Adams Michael (ENG) 2680
    12. Salov Valery (RUS) 2680
    13. Georgiev Kiril (BUL) 2670
    14. Polgar Judit (GM) (HUN) 2670
    15. Bareev Evgeny (RUS) 2670
    16. Sadler Mattew (ENG) 2665
    17. Akopian Vladimir (ARM) 2660
    18. Aleksandrov Aleksei (BLR) 2660
    19. Short Nigel D (ENG) 2660
    20. Svidler Peter (RUS) 2660

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