17-18 of June 1997

    International chess supertournament "Novgorod the Great"

    In the sixth round the game Kramnik-Topalov was finished first. The Bulgarian grandmaster was determined that he lost his opportunity to win with white. In the Sicilian defence the two opponents played the opening in a very interesting manner. The Bulgarian grandmaster sacrificed the pawn and after that the exchange. But Kramnik did not accept the offered rook as it would have given white savage attack.. Instead he succeeded in nullifying white initiative and the game was promptly drawn.

    The game Short - Bareev also ended in a draw after a short and sharp struggle. The Englishman sacrificed a couple of pawns in the Advanced Variation of the French Defence obtaining a useful initiative. Bareev wisely returned the extra material and the fireworks soon petered out into a completely equal double - rook endgame. The only decisive game was between Kasparov and Gelfand. The world champion played brilliantly. Kasparov used a difficult to handle Benoni Defence. Kasparov exploited all mistakes Gelfand had made.

    The results after 6 rounds are :
    Kasparov - 4,5 Kramnik - 4,5 Topalov - 3 Bareev - 2,5 Gelfand - 2 Short - 1,5

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