June 15, 1997

    International chess supertournament "Novgorod the Great"

    Obviously, grand chess-masters spent their day off preparing for the game very seriously . On the 15th of June at 16.00 they came to the scene ready to struggle. But with the present course of events in the game Boris Gelfand - Vladimir Kramnik did not confirm that supposition because the Byelorussian grand-master played the opening without any pretensions and played safely keeping a draw in hand. When white plays like this , it is not a surprise that the game ended on the 17th move with a draw.

    When the game was over the main referee Boris Postovsky said: «Both opponents do not strive for complications and would not mind to finish the game in peace. Gelfand offered a draw». Short and Bareev played French defence but both of them acknowledged defeat on the 31st move.

    The world champion made his favourite novgorodian manoeuvre Ke1-Kg1 (this manoeuvre is used for the thirst time). Gelfand suffered twice: from Kasparov in the first round and from Short in the second. Short said before the game that he could stand 28 moves .But he exceeded the quotas and lost on 31st move. Topalov pressed on the struggle on the chess board.

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